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It's all about the mixture!

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Have you ever asked yourself if you can lay ZARKOPERFUME fragrances?
ZARKOPERFUME molecular fragrances can be combined with each other in a fabulous way for even more individual and customized fragrance experiences!
Just like our favourite cocktails, the motto here is: It's the mixture that does it!
Here are a few of our favourite scented cocktails:

Here are a few of our favorite scent cocktails:

We recommend Molecule 234·38 as the basis for all combinations - the fragrance enhances your own smell, your aura - without any scented oils.

For Pink Champagne Margarita Lovers

You love sparkling, fruity notes that tingle on your skin all day long?
Molecule 234·38, Pink Molecule and e'L is a very refreshing, captivating blend that becomes fruity and exciting with more Pink Molecule. With more e'L the blend reminds you of the first rays of spring sunshine.

For Bourbon Neat Lovers

You like clear lines, structured approaches - straight forward.
Molecule 234·38, Inception and Molecule No.8 lay down to an unforgettable woody but clear note. Inception awakens forgotten memories and Molecule No.8, which is stored in small wooden barrels, brings a deep strength.

For Cosmopolitan Lovers

Ever since Sex and the City, we have known that a Cosmopolitan is THE girls' night out cocktail par excellence. Molecule 234·38, Pink Molecule and Ménage à Trois reflect the fruity notes of the cocktail. Ménage à Trois gives the Pink Molecule a new depth without covering the fruity tingle. 

For Moscow Mule Lovers

Everything with a little bit of SPICE! You need a special kick - not only with your favourite drink! Molecule 234·38, Oud'Ish and Ménage á Trois create a unique combination of a soft, pure base (Molecule 234·38, Oud'Ish) and a surprisingly gripping sound (Ménage à Trois). 

For Gin Tonic Lovers

G & T - The chemistry is just right! Simple but unique. Straightforward but with depth: Molecule 234·38, Inception and Oud-Couture simply fit together for an intense, aromatic happening that will stay in your memory forever.


Like cocktails, all our fragrances are unisex!

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