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CLOUD COLLECTION No.2 · 100ml EdP Spray


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Grundpreis: €232,97 € /100ml

CLOUD COLLECTION is the first perfume in the world to respond to its surroundings, the weather and the wearer's personal aura.

The Danish coast - Zarko has been inspired by his homeland in the new CLOUD COLLECTION and uses water as an active component of the fragrance. Like the movements of waves, the fragrance slowly unfolds from fresh, more intense notes of warm Danish peppermint to woods at home in Scandinavian coastal areas. A perfume that captures the complexity of the underwater world, yet follows clear Scandinavian lines.

To activate the fragrance, shake for 4 seconds until the liquid becomes milky and opaque. As soon as the two phases separate, you can observe a fascinating effect: The scent molecules begin to glitter at the bottom of the bottle. The effect becomes more visible when the bottle is held against a light source.


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