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INCEPTION · 100ml EDP Spray


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Grundpreis: €121,85 /100ml

Science fiction. In a bottle.

Inspired by the complexity and different levels of consciousness of the film of the same name, INCEPTION, with its six fragrance phases instead of the traditional three, is a true revolutionary who turns our traditional fragrance habits upside down.

The fragrance phases are synchronized so that all the actors remain visible and perceptible, but with incredible transparency. An intense, inspiring feeling is conveyed. INCEPTION's electrifying effect, which is otherwise reserved for the top notes, is permanent and gives the inevitable impression of being catapulted right into the action.

Like the score of a piece of music has many voices, this androgynous scent consists of soft, bright notes and at the same time of deep, sensual to intense, powerful sounds.
Fragrance notes: Ozones - Citrus - Spices - Greens - Woods