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MOLECULE 234·38 Set


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Our MOLECULE 234·38 is also available in a set - perfect for the use at home and on the go!

The MOLECULE 234·38 set consists of a 100ml and a 10ml size. The travel size is refillable, so you'll be ready for any situation - with your favorite scent by your side.

The creation does not use classic essential fragrance oils and contains one large molecule that is chained together with several smaller ones. The magic of this molecule is that its composition and weight correspond to the skin and its environment. Thus, the body exerts a direct influence on the components of the fragrance. Its condition, but also the mental state of the person, influence in this way the very individual expression of the fragrance.

It iridesces, iridesces and shows ever new variations. MOLECULE 234·38 enters into a love affair with its wearer, reacts to the wearer's physical and mental condition, and in turn influences the wearer himself, so that a mutual relationship is established.
After 10 hours, the smaller molecule dissolves and the snapshot of the last state remains - the result of this personal and intimate interaction between wearer and fragrance reverberates on the skin for a long time.

A phenomenon, a very personal aura, permeated with intimacy and togetherness down to the molecular level.


Content: 100ml + 10ml

alcohol, perfume, aqua (water)