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ZARKOPERFUME is based on the idea of a Nordic-style fragrance line in clear Scandinavian design combined with fragrances which, thanks to their special molecular architecture, break new ground and immerse the person wearing one of our creations in new worlds of fragrance which have never existed before in this personal and extraordinary individuality.

The basis of every fragrance is the individual, personal aura of the human being: his body odour. Only with this as a basis can the whole spectrum of a ZARKOPERFUME be unleashed and create a fragrance that is just as individual as every human being himself. Never before has a perfumer succeeded in placing the human being at the centre of the fragrance, not essential oils.

Discover the world of the Danish fragrance line of ZARKOPERFUME and let yourself be carried by the Nordic-elegant lightness of the creations of Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov, the first and only Danish perfumer.