MOLECULE NO. 8 · 10ml

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Bright and dark. Intense and light. At the same time.

ZARKOPERFUME Molécule No. 8 characterizes the icy polar night that lasts several months in the far north. But already the first rays of sun reach the icy ground and give the overwhelming feeling of hope, strength and new awakening life. The fragrance of Molécule No. 8 is cold and dark as well as tangy and fresh with a penetrating, warming brightness. Mandarin gives the crisp freshness of icy winds, the elegant aroma of the rose softens them slightly. This mysterious eau de parfum was developed by the Danish perfumer Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov using an old, forgotten technique from the early 20th century. He let Molécule No. 8 mature in wooden barrels at an early stage. In addition, he refined the valuable Odeur with wood shavings from agarwood, which is probably the most expensive oil in the world. And so the spicy woody aromas of eagle wood and patchouli impressively round off the olfactory natural spectacle.

The 10ml Travelsize is easily refillable and ideal for on the go!

Fragrance notes: 

Mandarin · Turkish Rose Absolue · Patchouli



alcohol, perfume, aqua (water)

Braune reagenzgläser, zwei stehende, runde Glasflakons mit einem goldenen Deckel und goldener Becshriftung und davor liegen zwei Glasflakons in Form von langen Röhrchen aus Glas und ebenfalls godenem Deckel und goldener Beschriftung.



In Verbindung mit dem Aroma, das jeder Mensch individuell besitzt, entsteht aus einem Molekülduft die ganz eigene Duftsignatur jedes Individuums.

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